Enlarge / That Switch cartridge might be smaller, but it seems that it’s still more expensive to produce than a similar optical disc.
When we first heard rumors that Nintendo would be using teeny tiny cartridges for retail Switch games, rather than optical discs, our own Sam Machkovech boldly predicted that “while ROM production would probably cost more than optical discs, the assumption is that the wholesale cost wouldn’t be that much more per unit—and certainly not as much as N64 cartridges cost compared to CD-ROMs in the late ’90s.”
Now that the Switch is on the market, though, that prediction seems not to be bearing itself out.

A few upcoming multi-platform games are set to cost more on Switch than on competing consoles, and Nintendo’s decision to go with the cartridge format seems to be the culprit.
The first sign of the trend came last week, when Rime publisher Tequila Works announced that the Switch version of the exploration/puzzle game would cost $40, compared to $30 for the PS4 and Xbox One versions.

The upcoming North American release of Puyo Puyo Tetris is similarly listed at $40 for the Switch, but only $30 on the PS4 (where it will only be available as a physical release). Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ costs $40 to preorder on the Switch, but only $35.97 when purchased as a Steam bundle (the components of that bundle cost $40 when purchased separately, though).
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