Enlarge / Together at last. Kind of. (credit: Aurich Lawson)
PlayStation Now, Sony’s own “Netflix-of-games” online streaming service, is about to get a lot more attractive.

The company announced on Monday that the service will begin to officially support games from its current PlayStation 4 platform starting “in 2017.” Right now, PS Now only supports games from the older PS3 system.
It’s a vague start date, but we think we know when to expect the switchover: sometime after this August.
Almost exactly one month ago, Sony had a less-welcome announcement for its PS Now users, telling them that pretty much all devices they used to log in and play games would no longer work starting on August 15.

That means if you liked playing PS Now games on the portable PlayStation Vita, smart TVs from Sony and Samsung, or your old PlayStation 3, you would soon be out of luck.
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