Enlarge / The recently unearthed Dreamcast port of Millennium Racers: Y2K Fighters can now be played on any stock hardware. (credit: Dreamcastic Channel / YouTube)
The game industry at large usually demonizes emulation and the ability to archive and copy software as inadvisable at best and an existential threat to the business at worst.

A couple of recent public releases from the annals of game history, however, highlight just how important these emulation capabilities are to preserving and popularizing the history of a young but quickly aging medium.
The first is the discovery and release of Millennium Racer: Y2K Fighters, a previously completely unknown 2001 Dreamcast port of a 1999 PC racing game.

The title was recently discovered intact on a Dreamcast development kit, altered a bit to get it into a playable state, and then released as both an emulatable ROM and a burnable disc image that will work in actual Dreamcast hardware.
The game itself is a generic futuristic racer in the style of Wipeout or F-Zero X, and it was largely ignored in its original PC incarnation.
Still, the newly accessible Dreamcast port shows what Sega’s last piece of hardware would have been capable of near the end of its life, much like the recent release of a lost Dreamcast Ecco the Dolphin sequel (the Dreamcast’s easy-to-break copy protection also deserves some big props here).
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