Over the course of my IT career, I’ve hired a lot of people. My track record isn’t perfect, but overall I did pretty well in finding good candidates for the jobs.

But there have been lessons along the way.

For example, I’ve learned to never accept a resume at face value. Here are three stories to illustrate the point.
It was the height of the dot-com era, and I worked for a large tech company that put me in charge of a joint venture with another large tech company.[ Get a $50 American Express gift card if we publish your tech story (anonymously, of course).
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This venture was a small one, but it was a web-enabled business-to-consumer entity we’ll call “jointco,” and we were all excited.

During this time, our web-capable technicians were billed out, so I outsourced our web development to a small services firm, and we got up and running in fine fashion.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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