AUSTIN, Texas—”You have got to be kidding me.”
Alarms and flashing lights have begun blaring in a hotel meeting room, much to the chagrin of CIA Senior Collection Analyst David Clopper. The officer, along with a team of his colleagues, is in the middle of demonstrating his department’s training materials, and he has to account for these materials before leaving the room.
In some cases, this might require picking up a few stacks of paper, or some pamphlets and flyers.
Clopper, on the other hand, has to pick up dozens of 10-sided dice, over 100 colored gems, and hundreds of custom-printed cards that describe hypothetical crises across the globe.

That’s nothing compared to the mess of cards on the other side of the room, which, moments ago, were being used to track and capture the elusive drug kingpin El Chapo.
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