Enlarge / The Switch’s JoyCon controllers in their Grip cradle. (credit: Mark Walton)
Last week, we warned readers not to get too excited in assuming that the Nintendo Switch’s successful launch implied long-term success for the new platform.

That said, the system remains nearly impossible to find at North American retailers nearly two weeks after its debut, which has led to a significant markup in price among third-party resellers.
A quick search of 90 completed eBay Switch sales over the past couple of days finds a median selling price of $440 for the Switch, a 47 percent markup over the $300 MSRP.

The absolute lowest recent selling price for the system was $359, while one lucky seller managed to get $810 for his system just yesterday morning.
The markup remains high if The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is included with the system.

The system/game bundles resell for a median price of $525 on eBay (46 percent above an MSRP of $360), even though the game itself isn’t hard to find at all on retail shelves.

A Switch with the harder-to-find, extra-packed limited edition Breath of the Wild, on the other hand, resells for a median of $624 (56 percent above the $400 MSRP).
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