Enlarge / Grace Lynn Kung as Doris (L), Terry Chen as Praxidike Meng (R). (credit: Rafy/Syfy)
This week in The Expanse, we started to see some of the human fallout from the battle above Ganymede through the eyes of Praxidike Meng, an agricultural researcher working on the moon to design better soybeans. Meng wakes up in the hold of a freighter carrying refugees to Tycho Station, but there’s no sign of his daughter Mei.

Things get worse for him when the captain of the freighter airlocks all of the Earther and Martian refugees, including his friend Doris.
Anderson Dawes manages to escape Tycho with the Protogen scientist Cortazar, but Naomi and Drummer track down the protomolecule transmission he was listening to; it’s coming from Ganymede.

The crew of the Roci start looking into Protogen’s activity on the Jovian moon, which leads them to… Meng.
It turns out his daughter was being treated for a genetic disease by Lawrence Strickland, one of the company’s scientists. What’s more, it’s unlikely that Mei or Strickland were killed when the dome was breached.
Finally, the factional infighting within the OPA took an ugly turn on Tycho.

Dawes, it turns out, has plenty of support on the station, and this week they made their move on Fred Johnson and Drummer.
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