Enlarge / If you have to run your cords to the left with the Nintendo Switch Dock, you’ll have to wind them around its body.
It looks like Nintendo is doing what it can to prevent the current retail shortage of Nintendo Switch hardware from persisting into the future. The Wall Street Journal reports this morning that “people briefed on [Nintendo’s] plans” say the company is doubling its expected Switch production from 8 million units to 16 million units for the fiscal year running from April through March of 2018.
To put that number in some context, Nintendo only sold 13.5 million Wii U units in that console’s entire four-year run on the market.

The original Wii, meanwhile, shipped roughly 17 million units in its first full calendar year on the shelves (following a holiday-season launch), amid massive long-term retail shortages and on the way to selling over 100 million units over its lifespan.

The PS4 sold just over 14 million consoles worldwide in 2014, after selling about 4 million units during its 2013 holiday launch.
The news follows reports of strong initial interest in the Switch worldwide following its March 3 debut, with one report estimating 1.5 million units sold in the system’s first week. Nintendo previously said it planned to ship 2 million units by the end of March, though some industry watchers expect that number may now be lower than reality.
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