Consider this your regularly scheduled reminder that the Internet Archive continues to host some of the coolest relics of nerd history. Now, the scan-and-upload team led by Jason Scott delivers quite the piece of video game nostalgia: the Atari Coin Connection.
Long before consumer magazines and fan newsletters ruled the industry, Atari’s first publication launched in 1976 to an audience of businesses and arcade operators.

The publication existed to simultaneously promote new arcade games and offer operator advice for existing machines, and full archives of the mostly black-and-white newsletter can now be accessed in the form of pristine scans.
Scott confirmed to Ars that these scans have been sitting on other sites for roughly eight years. “I have been handed a pile of manuals, newsletters, and magazines today—about 20 gig—and while a lot were already on the Archive, a bunch weren’t, so I’m reconciling that,” Scott said to Ars via e-mail.

As a result, they’re bound to receive much more attention and love.
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