Jonathan Gitlin

It’s still surprising that Tesla has had the high-end electric car market to itself for all these years.

The Model S has existed for nearly five years, and even today, potential rivals remain in the prototype stages. Porsche is going ahead with the Mission E.

Faraday Future has the FF91 under development, and then there’s Lucid.

Formerly known as Atieva, it’s backed by the same Chinese billionaire as Faraday Future, and this week the company brought a prototype of its first model to Washington, DC, for us to check out.
Small on the outside, big on the inside
With its concept car looks and a pearlescent coat of paint, the Lucid Air certainly drew people’s attention as it sat parked outside of one of the US Senate buildings.

The first thing that strikes you is the car’s relative compactness. Lucid CTO (and former Model S chief engineer) Peter Rawlinson explained that the goal was to be a similar size to the Mercedes-Benz E Class on the outside but with S Class-beating space on the inside.
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