Security teams, network administrators, and operations teams have some busy days ahead.

Google’s Chrome development team is fed up with Symantec as a certificate authority, and has announced plans to no longer trust current Symantec certificates.In the past 18 months, Google has tangled repeatedly with Symantec over the way it issues transport layer security (TLS) certificates, with Symantec promising to do better.

The latest incident–an investigation into 127 mis-issued certificates–ballooned into “at least 30,000, issued over a period spanning several years,” Ravi Sleevi, a software engineer on the Google Chrome team, wrote on the Blink online forum. As a result, the Chrome developers “no longer have confidence in the certificate issuance policies and practices of Symantec over the past several years.”To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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