If you think Marvel and DC superheroes receive too many reboots, you clearly haven’t kept tabs on the Power Rangers TV series. What began as an excuse to reuse costumed-battling footage from the Japanese show Super Sentai has spawned 24 incarnations since 1993. Twenty-four! Who knows—if Batman had gotten close to that number, Val Kilmer might have worn the suit a second time.
Despite all of those years and versions, Power Rangers waited until this week for its first motion-picture treatment (well, okay, not really, but the less said about the1995 film, the better). Weirdly, the results don’t feel all that interesting as a film.
Instead, viewers get a taste of what could have been the best TV treatment the series has ever seen.
Mighty Friday Night Lights?
The film follows five small-town teens going through various adolescent crises.

The town’s football hero falls from grace after a prank goes awry.

The popular girl burns all bridges with an ill-advised text. One autistic kid misses his dead father in a big way, while two others have very different stressful issues with their own parents.
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