SXSW, a place where Joe Biden speaks and movies about Vine-star gorillas exist.

Ars’ Joe Mullin, Nathan Mattise, and Sam Machkovech share some highlights (film and otherwise). (video link)
AUSTIN, Texas—South by Southwest’s film schedule refuses to hold your hand. While projects like Nobody Speaks (“the Gawker trial documentary”) or Life (a modern sci-fi thriller, à la Alien) have loglines that can guide you, that’s not the case for everything being shown.

Case in point: Sylvio, a “comedy, drama, fantasy” about “a small town gorilla stuck in his job.” Huh?
If Sylvio immediately gives off the impression it’s a small arthouse/theater-of-the-absurd affair, that’s because it is to some extent.

Filmmakers Kentucker Audley and Albert Birney have created a slow and stylish version of Baltimore where a gorilla can shoot hoops or play some vinyl, all within perfectly composed frames Wes Anderson would approve of.

The score is minimalistic, 8-bit, and catchy.

The deadpan humor has a degree of intentional, Tim & Eric-styled awkwardness (though the absurdity is turned down a bit in comparison).

Together, these taste elements make the mundane interesting to some extent—but after seeing it, I still didn’t really understand why Sylvio became a film.
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