Enlarge / Shoot the thing! (credit: Bungie)
For nearly three years, Destiny has been the source of strife, joy, frustration, and often fierce loyalty to millions of players. With a full sequel to the game just announced on Twitter, developer Bungie has elected to close things out with a celebration of sorts.
“The dream of Destiny has always been that it is an adventure that continues,” Bungie community manager David “DeeJ” Dague told Ars in a recent interview. “With ‘Age of Triumph,’ we’re taking a moment before a brand new beginning to take stock of everything that our community has achieved thus far.”
“Age of Triumph,” is the latest (and apparently last) of the original Destiny’s live events.

These free updates came with new activities and rewards for players to rally around, but they lacked the new missions, maps, enemies, or other more substantive additions you’d find in paid expansions. With a sequel on the way, Bungie has every incentive to ensure players come away from the first game with a pleasant memory of this final event.

To that end, “Age of Triumph” adds new in-game rewards like armor and a “Record Book” of achievements to showcase players who reach Bungie-approved milestones.
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