Enlarge / Take THAT, legacy media!
When dredging up the Xbox One’s brief used game policy debacle of 2013 yesterday, I was reminded of an interesting bit of trivia that came out in the aftermath of that story.

Apparently, as late as mid-2013, Microsoft was considering making the Xbox One completely disc-free.
Microsoft eventually rejected that plan because, as Microsoft Studios head Phil Spencer said at the time, “when you start looking at bandwidth and game size, it does create issues.” But now, four years later, I’m beginning to wonder if a disc-free game console would at least make sense as an available option.
To be clear here, I’m not saying we should do away with games on physical media entirely.

The industry probably isn’t ready for that for a number of reasons we’ll touch on below.
Instead, I’m suggesting that Sony and Microsoft could offer new versions of their consoles, without a disc drive, to sell alongside the standard disc-enabled version.
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