Enlarge / The announcement of the Creators Update in October 2016. Although it has been available to Insiders for a few weeks, today’s the day that the Windows 10 version 1703, the Creators Update, is hitting Windows Update.

The first automatic upgrades to the latest Windows 10 version will start happening at about 10am PDT, and over the next few weeks, the upgrade will be pushed to more and more Windows 10 systems. Here’s our review of the update, taking a look at the biggest changes that the Creators Update contains.

The next big update to Windows 10 is nearly upon us: Windows 10 version 1703, known as the Creators Update, will be published to Windows Update next Patch Tuesday, on April 11th.
The final build is—probably—15063.

That build is already available to insiders and should soon become available for the Windows 10 Media Creation tool, but we also know that there are going to be some patches materializing some time between now and when that happens.

There’s a small chance those patches will bump the build number; more likely, they will instead bump the patch number, which is currently a pristine and perfect 0 on the desktop.

The mobile build has already been bumped to 15063.2 to handle an installation problem when upgrading from version 1607.
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