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Even as the federal government did its best to pretend that climate change didn’t exist, the push against it expanded out into the school system this week.

The state legislature in Idaho removed mention of climate change from its science education standards, even as a “think” tank sent school teachers copies of a text that promotes a plethora of non-scientific ideas about climate change.

On the federal level, it has been a bad couple of weeks for science, as the Trump administration released a budget outline that would dramatically slash spending on research and science-based policies.

That was followed by an executive order that blocked the US government’s first attempt to come to grips with the problem of climate change.

Capping things off was a bizarre hearing held by the House Science Committee, in which the chair of the committee accused the entire climate science community of abandoning the scientific method.

The new head of the EPA also decided to reject the advice of the agency’s scientists, just for good measure.

Do not speak of it!
You might think that science would deserve a breather after all that, but it’s not to be. Yesterday, Politico reported that the staff of the Department of Energy’s Office of International Climate and Clean Energy have been told to avoid using the term “climate change” at all. While a DOE spokesman denied that this was a formal policy, the directive allegedly was handed down in a meeting.
Staff was told that the term would cause a “visceral reaction” among the new senior staff, including Department head Rick Perry.
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