Enlarge / Frankie Adams as Bobbie Draper. (credit: Rafy/Syfy)
One of our favorite things about The Expanse is the way that—unlike many an epic TV show—it doesn’t string out the plot needlessly.
Season two is drawing to a conclusion, and things are moving along. On Earth, Gunny Draper is in trouble with her Martian higher ups, and the feeling is probably mutual following the way Private Travis was offered up as a scapegoat for the battle of Ganymede.

But she wants to see the ocean before they send her home in disgrace; she breaks out of the Martian embassy and finds that life for Earth’s dispossessed masses isn’t quite as groovy as she’d been led to believe.
She’s not the only one in trouble.

Errinwright owns up to his role in Jules-Pierre Mao’s rogue protomolecule experiments once he realized that Mao may be in cahoots with Mars now.
Ganymede is in quite a mess.

Three of the agriculture domes are gone, and while searching for his missing daughter, Prax notices that the artificial environment on the colony is dying.

The problem is too little biodiversity; once a pathway gets damaged there aren’t enough others to compensate. Or, as he explained to Amos, “the station’s dead already, they just don’t know it yet.”
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