If the Windows 10 Creators Update had worked out as Microsoft had promised, we all would be taking 3D selfies, importing them to Windows, and sharing them among our closest friends and co-workers via Office presentations and mixed-reality headsets.Microsoft sold us that vision as part of the Creators Update launch last fall.

But somewhere between then and the Creators Update rollout announcement March 29, key pieces went missing. Microsoft previously said its My People experience would be left for the Redstone 3 update in the fall.

The company never warned us, however, that we wouldn’t see the Windows Capture app, which creates 3D objects simply by tapping your smartphone.
If there’s a way to share 3D objects within the Holotour app within the HoloLens, I haven’t seen it.

And, of course, neither the HoloLens nor the third-party mixed-reality devices are commercially available yet.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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