Jim Resnick

When Jaguar launched the F-Type a few years ago, it awoke something long-dormant in the British carmaker. Jaguar used to make legitimate sports cars which won the 24 Hours of Le Mans five times in the 1950s.

But focus groups and corporate mismanagement diluted away that spirit by the end of the century, a lackluster product line being the leftovers.

The F-Type was a proper 21st century sports car—no rehash of the decades-old XJ-S here.
Think Hamlet, but a car
The SVR is the ultimate expression of the F-Type, the most focused performance car in Jaguar’s range.

And it delivers a beautiful shape, be it in coupe or convertible form, but the character of the SVR takes some figuring.

Be timid with the throttle and it’s timid with you. Press that pedal more than halfway and it summons up noise and intensity.
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