Anthony Levandowski giving a presentation in Japan in 2011, when he worked for Google. (credit: shinnygogo)
New legal filings in the Waymo v. Uber litigation lay out more of Google’s allegations against ex-Googler Anthony Levandowski, who now heads up Uber’s self-driving car unit.
According to a Google document filed in court yesterday, Levandowski created “competing side businesses” as early as 2012 while he was still working for Google.

That’s when Levandowski is said to have incorporated a company called Odin Wave LLC, with a physical address at a building he owned in Berkeley, California.
Odin Wave submitted an order to a hardware maker asking for a “customer-fabricated part” similar to what Google used in its self-driving cars.

Google employees investigated Odin Wave, noted the connections to Levandowski, and questioned the engineer about it, but Levandowski denied having any ownership, according to Google lawyers.
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