Enlarge / CEO Tim Armstrong. (credit: TechCrunch / Flickr)
Today, AOL CEO Tim Armstrong triumphantly announced that, starting this summer, the merged operations of AOL and the acquired Internet business of Yahoo would transform into a new Verizon-owned megalith company.
It shall be named… Oath.

Billion+ Consumers, 20+ Brands, Unstoppable Team. #TakeTheOath.
Summer 2017. pic.twitter.com/tM3Ac1Wi36
— Tim Armstrong (@timarmstrongaol) April 3, 2017

Perhaps the name comes from what Verizon executives swore after they heard about Yahoo’s multiple data breaches. Or maybe it came from what many Yahoo employees have been uttering over the last year, as the companies wound their way through the acquisition process and accompanying layoffs. Or perhaps “Oath” came to mind when those same employees heard about Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s proposed severance package.

Apparently, Armstrong decided not to take our advice to name the unit “LOL OMG WTF” or “Event Verizon” (that second one may take a moment of thought to get).
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