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Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) is not sick of Cthulhu.

Despite the ludicrous glut of Lovecraftian-themed board games crowding game-store shelves and Kickstarter pages, FFG has maintained its status as the chief evangelist of the Old Ones.

The company released two games set in the horror-noir universe just last year.
And there are plenty more where those came from: globetrotting evil-smasher Eldritch Horror, dice game Elder Sign, two editions of RPG-lite Mansions of Madness (read our review of the latest edition here), and even a collectible card game, Call of Cthulhu, which was turned into a living card game (LCG) in 2008. (In contrast to the “blind buy” model of collectible card games (CCGs), LCGs are expanded by the regular release of fixed packs of cards.)
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