Enlarge / Ishi, Ishi, calm down.
I’d be angry at Duke Nukem after seeing how weirdly he was shoehorned into Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition, too, but there’s more to blame. (credit: Gearbox / People Can Fly)
Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition launched on modern consoles and PCs last week.
In a different universe, maybe the remaster of this 2011 first-person shooter would have had some obvious, significant care poured into it. Maybe it would come with new modes or twists, or maybe it would be paired with an event, an anniversary, or a beloved character in a way that reestablished its context as a quality, one-of-a-kind shooter.

Any of those things might have given the game a decent shot both critically and commercially.
Instead, the game launched as both a bad product and a clueless answer to the ongoing question of how we should value video game purchases.
Kill really stupid enemies, but with skill
The battle for fair game prices—and Gearbox’s attempt to ruin it

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