Matthew Keys talks to reporters after he was sentenced to two years in prison, surrounded by his lawyers, including Mark Jaffe (far left). (credit: Cyrus Farivar)
Note: Our originally scheduled guest, Bruce Stoffmacher of the Oakland Police Department, had to cancel his attendance at the last minute.
Instead, we’re pleased to welcome Mark Jaffe, a criminal defense attorney with Tor Ekeland, to the Ars Live stage. We have updated the post below accordingly.

What’s it like to defend people like Deric Lostutter or Andrew “weev” Aurenheimer?
Our guest for Episode 12 of Ars Technica Live, happening this Wednesday, April 19, is Mark Jaffe.

The son of a criminal defense lawyer, Jaffe began his career on civil cases, working primarily on copyrights, trademarks and other elements of intellectual property. He then shifted his career toward the criminal side—in recent years he has worked on the defense teams for Aurenheimer, Lostutter, and Matthew Keys.
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