You’d be forgiven for thinking that PlayStation VR, now a healthy six months old, had been all but forgotten by platform stalwart Sony.
Sure, it had the healthiest set of launch games of any VR headset, but they suffered from a lack of longevity.

The hope was that Sony, with its plethora of first-party studios, would create the first killer app for VR, the game that would sell a million headsets.
Instead, bar the surprisingly good Resident Evil 7, early adopters have been left wanting.

Creating a VR game, let alone a VR game with the production values of an Uncharted or a Horizon: Zero Dawn, doesn’t happen overnight of course.

But there are signs that a second wave of games will soon launch on Sony’s headset, which, if we’re lucky, will be far deeper than the first.
Indeed, at Sony’s recent PSVR Showcase event in London—or, as I prefer, the “we totally haven’t forgotten about PSVR please look at all the fun things we have” event—Sony had a handful of upcoming titles to demo.
None of them were new, having made appearances at various trade shows over the the past few months, including PAX.

But they provide an interesting insight into how developers are tackling the many idiosyncrasies of the medium on the most mainstream of VR platforms, including the holy trinity of control inputs, nausea, and storytelling.

And while I’ve no doubt we’re still some ways off seeing the elusive killer app, I came away impressed: some seriously good games are about to hit PSVR.
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