Enlarge / A picture taken in Vertou, western France, shows Facebook logos. (credit: LOIC VENANCE/AFP/Getty Images)
With the first round of the French presidential election just nine days away, Facebook is tightening up its game with regards to false information being shared in users’ news feeds.
Last week, Facebook said it would start publishing notifications about its “10 tips to spot fake news” at the tops of users’ feeds.

The tips include pretty basic ideas like closely examining the URL, article date, and source, as well as encouragement to “check the evidence” and suggestions to compare the “news” to other articles. Here’s the full list of tips.
The idea was just to flag the tips for “a few days” in 14 countries, but today it looks like the war against fake news is far from over. With a major election upcoming, Facebook—which saw mounting criticism following the US election in November—is eager to let the world know it’s on watch against false information.
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