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A Federal Communications Commission plan to eliminate price caps in much of the business broadband market uses a new test for determining whether customers benefit from competition.

Even if a business that needs broadband has only one choice today, the FCC would consider the local market competitive if there’s a second broadband provider within a half mile.
The proposal from FCC Chairman Ajit Pai will hurt small business customers of ISPs, according to a federal office that advocates on behalf of small businesses.

But at least for now, the FCC plans to move ahead with a final vote at its meeting on April 20.
You may be thinking, “There are no price caps for broadband in the US!” That’s true for the home Internet service market, but the FCC imposes price regulation on certain types of business broadband.
So-called Business Data Services (BDS) provided by traditional phone companies like AT&T and Verizon use dedicated links to deliver “secure, reliable, and low-delay transmission service for moving voice, data, and video traffic” at speeds of up to 45Mbps upstream and downstream, the FCC’s deregulation proposal says.
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