Enlarge / Meet Fyodor, Russia’s new gun-toting robot. (credit: Dmitry Rogozin/Twitter)
The reports this weekend were breathless. Mashable said Russia was sending a “death dealing” robot with the power to shoot guns to the International Space Station. Pravda reported that the Russian cyborg, Fyodor, had frightened the West.
It was like the Terminator, only in space, and only for reals.
In reality, probably not.

The stories were written after the Russian deputy prime minister overseeing military and space activities, Dmitry Rogozin, posted on Facebook and Twitter about the country’s humanoid robot, Fyodor. Rogozin was proud that the robot had demonstrated the ability to shoot from both hands. “Fine motor skills and decision-making algorithms are still being improved,” he tweeted.

But maybe we shouldn’t call upon Arnold Schwarzenegger to save us just yet. “Shooting exercises is a method of teaching the robot to set priorities and make instant decisions,” Rogozin added. “We are creating AI, not Terminator.”

Rogozin has previously suggested that Russia will send this robot to the space station in 2021. Pravda claims this is still the target date and that Fyodor will ride into space aboard Russia’s next-generation spacecraft, named Federation.
So should NASA be concerned about an armed and lethal robot coming to the station four years from now?
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