In theory, moving legacy apps into containers ensures that neither the apps nor the business that depends on them gets left behind.
In practice, such lifts-and-shifts are easier said than done.
Sometimes, they’re only said and are never done at all.Today, Docker announced a professional services program to help relieve the heavy lifting of porting legacy applications to containers.[ To the cloud! Real-world container migrations. | Dig into the the red-hot open source framework in InfoWorld’s beginner’s guide to Docker. ]
The Docker Modernize Traditional Apps Program, delivered in conjunction with such partners as Microsoft and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, is the first step in converting apps to use modern IT principles.
It also shows how Docker and its partners can derive revenue from an open source technology stack apart from selling enterprise editions of a product, providing professional support for it, or hosting for it.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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