Enlarge (credit: Juicero/ PR Newswire)
A cold-press juice company called Juicero was one of the top-funded hardware startups in Silicon Valley last year.
It promised a $400 countertop juice-pressing appliance that squeezes healthy beverages out of proprietary bags, delivered to a person’s doorstep on a subscription basis for $5 to $8 apiece.
But now that the hardware has hit the market, some investors have been disappointed after figuring out that Juicero owners can squeeze juice from the proprietary juice bags by hand, without the $400 appliance.
Bloomberg reporters found that a little elbow grease yielded as much juice as the machine produced.

They were “able to wring 7.5 ounces of juice in a minute and a half.

The machine yielded 8 ounces in about two minutes.” You can check out Bloomberg’s video here.
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