Enlarge (credit: Juisir)
A cold-press juicer maker called Juicero found itself in the center of a lot of unwanted attention this week when Bloomberg reporters discovered that they could press juice out of the company’s proprietary juice bags with their bare hands—without the help of the accompanying $400 appliance.
But Juicero apparently still wants to be the only company to offer this type of appliance, as it filed a complaint (PDF) in federal court against another cold-press juice bag squeezer called Juisir earlier this month.
Juicero claims that Juisir, developed by Chinese company iTaste and marketed and imported with the help of Australian company Froothie, infringes on a patent Juicero was granted in November 2016. Juicero said in its April 6 complaint that Juisir also violates the Silicon Valley company’s trade dress and trademark rights.
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