Enlarge / Headquarters of Finnish telecom equipment group Nokia. (credit: Getty Images / RONI REKOMAA / Stringer)
The largest publicly traded patent-assertion company, Acacia Research, has launched a new lawsuit (PDF) against Apple and all the major cell phone carriers.
Cellular Communications Equipment, LLC, a unit of Acacia, has sued Apple, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile.

The company says that the five industry giants infringe four patents related to basic cell phone technologies.

All four patents originated at Nokia, which has been sharing its patents in so-called “patent privateering” arrangements for some years now.
Like so many lawsuits, the CCE v.

Apple et al.
case is based in the patent hotspot of East Texas, which is still considered favorable ground for patent plaintiffs.

Acacia is based in Southern California, but the complaint says CCE’s principal place of business is an office in Plano, which is within the Eastern District of Texas.
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