Enlarge / The new Audi R8 LMS GT4 car. (credit: Jonathan Gitlin)
Video shot and edited by Jennifer Hahn. (video link)
NEW YORK—Audi Sport is to Audi what M is to BMW or AMG to Mercedes—the tuning arm, the skunk works where cars go to lose weight, gain power and find extra speed for the track.

The US is a big market for Audi Sport, and the brand had several models on display at this year’s New York International Auto Show.

There was the TT-RS and the brand new RS5 Coupe, but for us the real star of its stand was a new racing car, the R8 LMS GT4.
Audi Sport customer racing is separate from the factory backed efforts in DTM and the now-shuttered World Endurance Championship program, and you can actually buy these cars to run yourself.

The new GT4 car fits into a gap between the RS3 LMS—a front-wheel drive touring car—and the R8 LMS GT3.

That car has been a sales hit; more than 200 R8 GT3s have found homes thus far, and it’s racked up quite a lot of wins (including a memorable race in Macau where one GT3 finished the race upside down).

But GT3 racing is getting expensive—the cars cost upwards of $400,000, and that’s before you factor in spares or the cost of running in a series.

Audi Sport’s new GT4 race car was star of its NY International Auto Show
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