Behold: It’s No Game, written by an AI and starring the great David Hasselhoff. (video link)
Last year, director Oscar Sharp and AI researcher Ross Goodwin released the stunningly weird short film Sunspring.
It was a sci-fi tale written entirely by an algorithm that eventually named itself Benjamin. Now the two humans have teamed up with Benjamin again to create a follow-up movie, It’s No Game, about what happens when AI gets mixed up in an impending Hollywood writers’ strike. Ars is excited to debut the movie here, so go ahead and watch. We also talked to the film cast and creators about what it’s like to work with an AI.
The scenario in It’s No Game is sort of like Robocop, with about 20 hits of acid layered on top.

Two screenwriters (Tim Guinee and Walking Dead‘s Thomas Payne) are meeting with a producer (Flesh and Bone‘s Sarah Hay), who informs them that it doesn’t matter if they go on strike because the future is AI writing movies for other AI.

As evidence, she shows them Sunspring, gushing about how it “got a million hits.” The fact that Sunspring did in fact get a million hits in real life, and that there really is a writer’s strike threatening Hollywood, make this movie even more of a reality distortion field.
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