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It was a simpler time, back in early 2015, when Amazon’s Echo first came out as a speaker with a voice assistant inside. Now, the evolution of the Echo family and Alexa have brings us a device designed specifically to make you look good. The new $199 Echo Look is the first iteration of Echo that has a camera, and the device uses it to evaluate your outfits, take outfit-of-the-day photos for you to share, and suggest which styles look best on you.
Echo Look deviates from the cylindrical design of other Echo devices: it’s a long, pill-like camera with a base so you can stand it up on a shelf or stick it to a wall.
Inside is a depth-sensing, 5-megapixel camera and an LED light that you control by saying “Alexa, take a photo” or “Alexa, take a video.” An Amazon representative told Ars there’s also one physical button on the side of the Echo Look that electronically disconnects the camera and mics.

The camera isn’t always on, and like the original Echo, it will only come on when awakened by an “Alexa” command.

The photos and videos you take with Echo Look are instantly uploaded to the new Echo Look app (and stored in Amazon’s Cloud) where you can share them on social media and build a wardrobe photo-book of different outfits over time.

The depth sensor in the camera even lets you blur the background behind you, making your outfit pop amidst your surroundings.

In addition to holding all your outfit photos, the app has a “Style Check” feature that combines Amazon’s machine learning algorithms and advice from stylists. Beauty help apps and devices don’t have a great track record when it comes to relying on bots, so Amazon’s hybrid approach and explicit business intentions will hopefully help the Echo Look avoid the same pitfalls that tripped up Map My Beauty (less than transparent back-end) and Beauty.AI (cultural-specific beauty standards since its bots lacked a large and diverse sample size).
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