Enlarge / Employees inspect an Uber self-driving car in Pittsburgh last year. (credit: Getty Images)
Uber engineer Anthony Levandowski will be stepping back from his position as head of the company’s self-driving car project.
Levandowski is at the heart of a heated trade-secrets lawsuit that Google’s Waymo division filed against Uber in February.

Google says Levandowski, an ex-Googler, illegally grabbed more than 14,000 files on his way out the door. Levandowski went on to create his own self-driving car startup, Otto, which Uber later bought for $680 million.
In an internal Uber e-mail, which was obtained and published by Business Insider, Levandowski said he’s being removed from all work related to Lidar, a key self-driving car technology which uses lasers to map objects in the physical world.
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