SpaceX just provided views of a rocket landing all the way from 150km down
SpaceX webcast

On Monday morning SpaceX made its fifth launch of 2017, flying its first major national security payload into low-Earth orbit since becoming certified as a US military launch provider in 2015.

Because of the classified nature of the spy satellite, the rocket company was only able to show footage of the launch until the second stage separated from the first.
However, this proved to be a real boon, as SpaceX was able to focus on the return of its Falcon 9 first stage to Earth. New footage showed the first stage all the way from when the second stage lifted away, during a period when it coasted up to 150km, and then finally the various burns as it flew back down to the ground.

Along the way we got to see incredible views of the landing from on-board cameras, and also from ground-tracking cameras on a mostly clear Florida morning.
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