Verizon’s bizarre claim that the FCC isn’t killing net neutrality rulesVerizon has always supported net neutrality. (credit: eBay/)
No major Internet service provider has done more to prevent implementation of net neutrality rules in the US than Verizon. After years of fighting the rules in courts of law and public opinion, Verizon is about to get what it wants as the Federal Communications Commission—now led by a former Verizon lawyer—prepares to eliminate the rules and the legal authority that allows them to be enforced.
But Verizon’s general counsel, Craig Silliman, wants you to believe that Verizon never opposed net neutrality rules, even though it sued the FCC to eliminate them. He’s also making the claim that the FCC isn’t even talking about eliminating the net neutrality rules, even though FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is proposing to do exactly that.
Verizon on Friday released a video in which Silliman made these claims. “The FCC is not talking about killing the net neutrality rules, and in fact not we nor any other ISP are asking them to kill the open Internet rules,” Silliman said. “All they’re doing is looking to put the open Internet rules in an enforceable way on a different legal footing.”
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