Hands on with the Surface Laptop: well, it’s a laptopEnlarge / The palm rest is covered with a soft fabric, much like the Surface Pro’s keyboard cover. (credit: Microsoft)
NEW YORK CITY—The Surface Laptop has no gimmicks or novelties.
It’s a Microsoft PC with Surface branding.

But unlike the predecessor systems—the Surface RT and Surface Pro with their convertible tablet and kickstand design, the Surface Book with its hybrid concept and detachable GPU, the Surface Studio with its hinged folding screen, even the Surface Hub with its multiuser touch and integrated video conferencing—the Surface Laptop has no twist, no unique spin that sets it apart from its competition.
It’s just a laptop.
The Surface Laptop is a good-looking laptop.

Downright stylish, in fact.

The 13.5-inch screen (with a peculiar 2256×1504 resolution, retaining the 3:2 aspect ratio used on other Surface systems) is bright and crisp.

Bezels are inoffensive.

The system is very slim, at 14.5m thick, with a slight taper.

The lines are clean.

The weight is respectable, for the screen size, at 2.76lb (1.25kg).

The standard platinum grey looks good, if conventional; the burgundy, “cobalt blue,” and “graphite gold” look better still.

The design is thoughtful, too, with the hinge appearing “invisible” when the system is opened. Opening feels effortless, too, with just the right amount of hinge stiffness.
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