In all the years it’s been making hardware, Microsoft has shied away from making a traditional clamshell laptop, at least in part because the company didn’t want to upset its OEM partners by competing with them directly.

But it has been edging closer to that territory with each new Surface Pro iteration and with the convertible Surface Book, and today Microsoft is formally announcing its first-ever plain-old, no-gimmicks clamshell notebook, predictably called the Surface Laptop.
The Surface Laptop looks to be a high-quality system in the vein of all the other Surface gadgets.
It’s got an aluminum body with a Microsoft logo etched into the lid, a 13.5-inch PixelSense display with relatively slim bezels, and a nice-looking chiclet keyboard and large trackpad that appear to be modeled after the Surface Pro 4’s Type Cover (right down to the fabric on the palmrest).
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