Judge: Miami reality TV star must unlock her iPhone in extortion caseEnlarge / Hencha Voigt has been ordered to provide police with the password to her seized iPhone. (credit: Hencha Voigt)
A Miami-Dade county judge has ruled that two defendants in a sextortion case must provide police with the passwords to their respective iPhones so authorities can unlock the devices and execute a search warrant.
Whether or not courts can force individuals to give up passwords to their locked computers or phones is not a settled matter.
In essence, the question it boils down to is: “Is giving up a password testimonial, and therefore in violation of the Fifth Amendment? Or is it more like being asked to give up a key to a safe deposit box?”
“For me, this is like turning over a key to a safety box,” said Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Charles Johnson, who ruled from the bench during a Wednesday hearing, according to the Miami Herald.
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