Cop fakes body cam footage, prosecutors drop drug chargesEnlarge (credit: Boston Globe/Getty Images)
Prosecutors in Pueblo, Colorado are dropping felony drug and weapon-possession charges after an officer involved in the case said he faked body cam footage so he could walk “the courts through” the vehicle search that led to the arrest.
The development, reported Wednesday by the Pueblo Chieftan, means that defendant Joseph Cajar, 36, won’t be prosecuted on allegations of heroin possession and of unlawful possession of a handgun.

The evidence of the contraband was allegedly found during a search of Cajar’s vehicle, which was towed after he couldn’t provide an officer registration or insurance during a traffic stop. Officer Seth Jensen said he found about seven grams of heroin and a .357 Magnum in the vehicle at the tow yard.

But the actual footage of the search that he produced in court was a reenactment of the search, the officer told prosecutors.

Cajar’s attorney said the development, which comes as more and more police agencies are deploying body cams, is a disturbing use of technology.
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