YouTube channel tries swapping hosts, gets caught by 1 million subscribersEnlarge / It’s cool, old SourceFedNERD fans.

This new channel’s host, which just automatically appeared in your feed because it overtook the original channel’s URL and subscriber counts by way of corporate ownership, is a nerd, too. (credit: NowThis Nerd)
Used to be that when a beloved media property was replaced, you found out by flipping the dial. Maybe you’d tap the “favorite” button on your car dash or tap the 2- or 3-digit channel number on your remote, only to find that a beloved radio or TV channel had switched formats.
On Thursday, the Internet equivalent happened to a once-beloved YouTube channel—and showed exactly why those old days of quiet format swaps aren’t so easy to do anymore.
Caught changing the Source
The SourceFed family of video channels began as part of YouTube’s “original content” initiative in 2011, and it revolved around hosts commenting on news and gossip.

The initiative eventually splintered off with video feeds focused on certain topics, including a dedicated “NERD” channel that eventually topped one million YouTube subscribers on its own.
SourceFed’s various feeds lasted about five years before its final owners, Group Nine Media, shuttered the operation last year.
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