Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is a crazy disco gunfight of joy

It’s hard for the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel to live up to its predecessor because the first film was a genuine surprise. Nobody expected it to be so weirdly great, nor so appealing to a broad audience. You can’t ever re-experience that feeling of unanticipated delight.

But you can fall for the characters’ bozo chemistry again, and you can revel in their deepening bonds as they deal with challenges so loopy that they cross over into genuine WTF insanity. What I’m saying is even if you can’t recreate love at first sight with this franchise, its sequel will make you really damn glad that you decided to hook up in the first place.
The action picks up pretty much where it left off in the last movie. Our misfit gang is now officially known as the Guardians of the Galaxy, and they’re working as heroes for hire. Of course, they’re still ruffians at heart, and Rocket Raccoon just can’t stop himself from stealing stuff even when he’s supposed to be saving the day. Right after defending a civilization of gold-skinned, eugenics-obsessed classic video gamers (don’t ask—you’ll see what I mean), Rocket decides it would be a great idea to steal some of their stuff.

And so the giving-you-a-medal scene turns into a crazy, cross-galaxy getaway chase.
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