Report: Amazon is making an Apple TV app almost 2 years after it said it would [Updated]Enlarge / The fourth-generation Apple TV. (credit: Andrew Cunningham)
Update: Buzzfeed’s John Paczkowski, who has a good track record with Apple rumors, now reports that Apple will unveil the Amazon app at WWDC in June and that Amazon will resume selling Apple TVs.

The app is still expected sometime later this summer, though the date is still subject to change.
Original story: At long last, Amazon will release an official Prime Video app for the Apple TV—at least, if a new report from Recode is to be believed.

Citing “people familiar with the two companies,” the report indicates that Amazon and Apple are “close to an agreement” that would bring Amazon’s app to Apple’s box sometime over the summer.
Currently, watching Prime Video on an Apple TV requires you to sling it from the Prime Video app on an iPhone or iPad via AirPlay, a clunky-at-best solution that doesn’t always work well and (from my own personal experience) reduces video quality relative to a direct stream.

Because Amazon doesn’t want to give Apple a cut of any of its video revenue, the current iOS app will only play video that you’ve already bought on Amazon in a browser or on some other platform.

The Apple TV app will presumably have the same limitations.
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