Verizon’s gigabit upgrade pricing still makes almost no senseEnlarge (credit: Getty Images | Scott Olson)
When Verizon FiOS unveiled a $70-per-month gigabit Internet plan two weeks ago, the company’s existing customers quickly discovered that the deal was too good to be true.
It turned out that only new customers were eligible for the $70 price, even though Verizon’s announcement didn’t mention that caveat. Worse, existing subscribers who tried to upgrade were told that the standard price could be as high as $200 a month.
When we last wrote about this on April 25, the poorly implemented rollout was still causing confusion for both customers and Verizon customer service reps.
Verizon promised to get the gigabit upgrade system working by April 30, saying that existing customers who upgraded to gigabit speeds would end up with monthly bills of around $95 a month, more or less.
But there’s still a lot of variation in prices and no good explanation for why some customers pay significantly more than others.

The billing problems are supposed to be fixed by now, but Verizon customers we’ve talked to are getting upgrade prices ranging from about $67 to $148 for the same exact service.
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