Arcade group promises ticket and claw games will no longer be “rigged”A new industry pledge ensures that games like these will always be winnable through skill. (credit: hosklbro / flickr)
Anyone who’s played a crane game on the boardwalk or any number of timing-based ticket-spewing “redemption games” at an arcade has probably suspected at some point that these machines are rigged against them. Now, a major industry trade group is trying to win back player trust, promising its members will only provide games that can be won “by the application of skill.”
The American Amusement Machine Association (AAMA) is a non-profit lobbying group that represents everyone from arcade game manufacturers like Bandai Namco and Sega to operators like Dave & Busters and Cinemark theaters, even the distributors and suppliers in between.

Those members will now have to sign on to a “Fair Play Pledge” (FPP) that promises all their games will “meet a standard of performance that allows a player a fair chance of winning with every game played.” (thanks to Arcade Heroes for the heads up)
More specifically, FPP-compliant games will have to meet the following criteria:
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