New 2018 Mercedes-AMG GT C roadster: German brute or exotic alternative?

Some serious model proliferation has been going on at Mercedes-AMG, and few enthusiasts will have a problem with that. What began a couple of years ago as a follow-up to the gullwing-door SLS has grown into a model line unto itself.

The AMG GT is now seven models, including the base GT, the GT S, the GT R, the GT3 race car, the GT convertible, the GT C roadster, and the GT C coupe.

There will shortly be a long-rumored four-door GT variant making the grand GT total eight. Let there be no doubt that the upper end of the sports car market is alive and kicking.
The latest version we test drove, the GT C roadster, is packed with power and attitude, and it loses nothing in the transition from closed-top coupe to open-top hedonist.

From C coupe to C roadster, weight is up a mere 75 pounds (34 kg)—a rounding error in the grand scheme of 3,800-pound (1,724-kg) things.

Additional fortification goes into the door sills, rear bracing between the wheel housings, the rear bulkhead, and up front, hidden beneath the dashboard.
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