Doctor Who: Knock Knock reviewEnlarge (credit: BBC) This is a post-UK broadcast review of Doctor Who: Knock Knock. River Song always warned the Doctor against spoilers, so be sure to watch the episode first. Doctor Who airs on Saturdays at 7:20pm UK time on BBC One, and 9pm EDT on BBC America.

Meddling kids, alien woodlice, and a creepy Landlord throw Doctor Who‘s Knock Knock into a Scooby Doo-meets-The Mummy adventure complete with a time-warped, played-for-dark-laughs haunted house.

For the second time in this series—which is showrunner Steven Moffat’s last hurrah at the TARDIS console—the walls are inhabited by insect-like creatures.
In Smile, worker bee microbots—dubbed Vardies—are the walls.

That idea is partially repeated here, albeit in a different setting: Bill (Pearl Mackie) and the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) are back on present-day Earth (my favourite Doctor Who episodes are often the ones that give us aliens in the most ordinary of backdrops).
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